Air Messenger TAP Gateway
TAP Paging Gateway Server

Key Features Of Air Messenger The TAP Gateway Server

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Up To 16 Inbound TAP Lines.
Send pages via SNPP, WCTP, and TNPP
No Custom Programming Required
Runs As A Windows Service
TAP Direct Connect Support
Installs In Less Then 10 Minutes
Reports To Client If Page Was Accepted Or Rejected By The Destination Server
The Air Messenger TAP Gateway Server is a Server that receives incoming TAP Pages and forwards
the page on to your current SNPP, WCTP or TNPP servers, then waits for the replay
from your destination server and passes the accepted or rejected information back to
the TAP client. This allows for an easy implementation of a remote TAP Gateway
without the need of custom programming. This server can be installed and available
for customer use in less then 10 minutes once your hardware has been installed.
Why use and our TAP Gateway when you already have a TAP paging solution?
Good question, the reason is that your current solution may work for what you need to
accomplish, however the cost of maintaining such a solution may be greater then it needs to be
especially when you are paying for expensive lease lines to connect back to your terminals. With our
TAP Gateway server, you can setup the server in a local office and connect back to your terminal over
your local network the only reoccurring cost you would have is each phone line you wish to have and a
internet connection if you do not have a local network you can route through.
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