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Air Messenger Mobile
Alphanumeric Paging Software


   Transmitting text messages to alphanumeric messaging devices, such as Cellular Phones, Pagers, Personal Digital Assistants, and Laptops has emerged as an important new technology of the 1990's. Air Messenger Pro not only sends, manages, and tracks your wireless messages, but also integrates message scheduling, network compatibility, group messaging, into one powerful and affordable messaging solution. With Air Messenger Mobile for your wireless messaging solution, you will never miss an appointment or important call again. With Air Messenger Mobile you have your choice of using the application as a standard paging application or switch it to Client Mode which then allows the Air Messenger Mobile application to communicate with the Air Messenger LAN Server while your in the office. Whether you work in a small office or within a large distributed organization, the flexibility and ease-of-use of Air Messenger Mobile is a must-have for any mobile messaging needs. 

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Key Features Of Air Messenger Mobile

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  • SNPP Support (Includes Delivery Notification)

  • Advanced SNPP Sending Options (Includes Response)

  • WCTP Support with SSL Support (Includes Delivery Notification)

  • SMS Messaging Via GSM SMS Compatible Mobile Phone
  • Advanced WCTP Sending Options (Includes Response)

  • ETAP Support For Use With Short Messaging Services

  • ETAP Delivery Confirmation

  • ETAP Query, Update, Delete Requests

  • ETAP Deferred Messaging

  • E-Mail Paging (MX, Windows Messaging and SMTP)

  • Delivery Redundancy Option

  • RAS Dialer Support

  • Uses Windows Modem Drivers For Easy Setup

  • Built In Spell and Thesaurus Checker

  • Multiple User/Groups Lists

  • Shared User/Group Lists

  • Build Groups On The Fly

  • Multiple Paging Company Support

  • Save Common Used Messages

  • Queue Messages For Delayed Delivery

  • Schedule Messages For Event Notifications

  • Signature Line Support

  • Multiple Dialing Location Supported

  • Delivery Log

  • Report Generator

  • DDE Support

  • Send Message From The Command Line

  • Y2K Compliant

Note: Products installed prior to 7/9/06 will not be compatible with the newer versions on and after 7/06/06 and therefore will not automatically update but installed as a separate application.

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