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Air Messenger LAN Server
Alphanumeric Paging Server


   The Air Messenger LAN Server is probably the most advanced net work wireless messaging software available that has been designed specifically for the network environment. With Air Messenger LAN Server running on a single workstation allows your entire office to send alphanumeric pages to anyone without the need of a modem line at each work station. All pages are sent over your existing network to the Air Messenger LAN Server for processing. Additional support has been implemented for SNPP that allows other messaging software that conforms to the SNPP protocol to send messages through the Air Messenger LAN Server as well (SNPP Forwarding Proxy Server). The Air Messenger LAN Server also supports ETAP which allows for message delivery confirmation when used with SMS systems like Nextel or other Digital Cellular Carriers. New in 5.0, the Kenwood FleetSync protocol was add. This allows you to send text message to your Kenwood FleetSync enabled 2-Way radios. Air Messenger LAN Server is a must-have for organizations that depend on alphanumeric messaging devices. In version 6.7 MX record lookup has been added for quicker delivery of e-mail pages as well as SSL (secure Socket Layer) support so that WCTP pages can be sent securely. Also in 6.7 a new mobile client has been added to allow mobile users to use the client independent of the server or connect through the server when in the office. The mobile client will also provide redundancy by downloading the data locally and using this data in stand alone mode should their be a LAN connection failure.

Key Features Of 
Air Messenger LAN Server

     Designed to integrate seamlessly into an existing network environment, Air Messenger LAN Server manages who sent what message to whom, and when. Taking full advantage of a networked environment. For current Release Notes click here.

  • SNPP Forwarding Proxy Server
  • SNPP Server Option
  • ETAP Support for message delivery confirmation
  • SMS Messaging Via GSM SMS Compatible Mobile Phone
  • Send Pages Via SNPP, WCTP, TAP, Direct Connection TAP, or E-Mail
  • SSL Support for WCTP.
  • AM Mobile Client (Application for both standalone and client operations)
  • Supports Kenwood's FleetSync Protocol.
  • Delivery Fail Redundancy
  • Internet Ready
  • RAS Dial-Up for Internet (Win9x)
  • Uses Windows Modem Drivers For Simple Setup
  • Security Restriction When User Log-On Option Is Used
  • Multiple Department User/Group Lists
  • Manage Shared User/Group Lists
  • Easily Runs On Any Work Station or Server
  • Adjustable Scheduling
  • Error Notification And Deliver Notification To Clients
  • E-Mail Paging (MX,SMTP, POP3, Windows Messaging)
  • Windows Messaging Support For E-Mail Paging
  • Built In Web Server For Web Paging
  • Built In SMTP Server For E-Mail Paging
  • HDML Support for Cellular Web Browser Paging
  • Detail Transaction Logging
  • Multiple and Printable Reports
  • And Many More Features
  • Y2K Compliant

Note: Products installed prior to 7/9/06 will not be compatible with the newer versions on and after 7/06/06 and therefore will not automatically update but installed as a separate application.

Download Acrobat Reader AML Server Spec Sheet

     The above file is a self-extracting file. Extract files in a temporary directory, then run the setup program. Service Providers Click Here!


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