Air Messenger LAN
Alphanumeric Paging Server
Release Notes
03/18/19 Ver 14.0.0
1. Added HL7 inbound message option.
2. Fixed issue with submitting providers to us.
3. Fixed issue with WCTP inbound pages being added to the SNPP in count.
4. Fixed issue with web interface not sending to multiple selected destinations
5. Fixed issue with AMLS user not importing correctly
03/02/18 Ver 13.1.0

1. Fixed issue with getting error that there is no modem queue available when sending SNPP
pages with some configurations.

12/15/17 Ver 13.0.0

1. Added 64 bit version of the application
2. Added Secure Socket connection support to SNPP.
3. Added SMPP support.
4. Added TAP/Tap Over IP inbound option.
5. Added TAP Over IP.
6. Added: ID and Class Tags to SLPin Dropdowns to allow for styling of the input field on the web
7. Updated: Web interface with newer look
8. Updated: Changed to use POST commands in web interface.
9. Fixed issue with WWW Log not archiving
10. Fixed issue with wrong sent counters being updated when SMTP Inbound message was
11. Fixed issue with server was not checking all the data files for newer versions at startup which
which could lead to bad data being loaded.
12. Fixed issue where some information was stored in the delivery log that did not belong in that
13. Fixed issue where you get a focus error when WCTP information is missing when adding or
editing a paging provider.
14. Fixed issue when a inbound email received to an unknown user the system would not bounce
the email and cause an internal exception.
15. Fixed issue with configuration manager not showing the TAP/TNPP port settings more than
once if a change was made.
16. Fixed issue with message log not working on the subscriber data form.
17. Fixed issue when adding new quick drop down list, if you cancel was not working.
18. Fixed Issue with SNPP MSTA request not working all the time.
19. Fixed issue with removing users from group lists when deleting a destination record due to
provider being deleted when other destination still exists.
20. Fixed issue with user record not being deleted when all destinations have been deleted due to
provider being removed.
21. Fixed issue when deleting paging providers, the destination provider information was not
being removed if the provider was set for the secondary provider
22. Fixed issue when sending to SMTP Server that requires user/password failing authentication
due to the user or password being to long.
23. Fixed issue with application adding bad carrier information when adding carrier information
from ISS Carrier List and selecting an E-Mail connection.

01/17/16 Ver 12.1.0

1. Fixed issue with Page Scheduling when multiple destinations are used for a user. Was giving
an invalid hold time and only the first destination was scheduled.  Fixed utility installer was not
always installing support dll files causing missing dll issues.  Fixed issue with SMS not sending
pages when Roaming. 
2. Fixed issue where sometimes the configuration manager would lockup when trying to delete
scheduled pages from the interface.

07/01/15 Ver 12.0.0

1. Fixed issue with Unhandled Exception with Group User List when a user has E-Page selected
for provider.
2. Fixed issue with Unhandled Exception when User Report List is selected.
3. Fixed issue with Unhandled Exception when User Login Profile is selected.
4. Fixed issue with changing destination name would create a new destination record instead of
updating it.
5. Fixed issue with missing PIN in User Report
6. Fixed issue with Templates not being updated correctly to backup server when updated from 7.
7. Remote DB Manager.
8. Fixed issue with Quick Messages not being updated correctly to backup server when updated
from Remote DB Manager.
9. Fixed issue with Dropdown Lists not being updated correctly to backup server when updated
from Remote DB Manager.
10. Fixed issue with Database Sync to backup server where Last Update date was not updated
for Templates.
11. Fixed issue with Database Sync to backup server where Last Update date was not updated
for Quick Messages.
12. Fixed issue with Database Sync to backup server where Last Update date was not updated
for Drop Down Lists.
13. Fixed issue with Database Sync to backup server where Destination Records were not being
updated correctly.
14. Fixed small memory leak when logging delivery information.
15. Fixed issue in Remote DB Manager where it may point to the wrong folder for configuration
16. Fixed issue with WCTP Option not returning the correct data in the xml packet responce.
17. Added Destination information to relevant reports.
18. Added missing export/import functions for destination records.
19. Added SSL/TLS support for Email Paging.

12/28/121 Ver 11.1.0

1. Fixed issue with delivery report not displaying results when searching by user.
2. Added missing export/import functions for destination records.
3. AMDR application was set to wrong version and my not update correctly.
4. Fixed issue with scheduler not working.

9/16/11 Ver 11.0.5

1. Fixed issue when renaming users, destinations were not updated with new names.
2. Fixed issue with wrong version error in Remted DB Manager.
3. Fixed issue where Config Manager would intermittently stop communicating with service.

04/15/11 Ver 11.0.0

1. Added multiple destinations per user.
2. Added syncing of Quick Messages and Templates To Backup Server.
3. Fixed issue with server not always sorting by priority when sending pages.
4. Fixed so that client now shows proper company information.
5. Fixed issue where some reports would only show header information when exported to CSV.
6. Fixed minor display bugs.
7. Changed default working folder to ProgramData or Common Folder.
03/29/10 Ver 10.0.0

1. Server now runs as a service.
2. Added built in WCTP Server.
3. Added E-Mail Default Subject to settings.
4. Added Application Update E-Mail Notification.
5. Updated Threading Modules.
6. Added text search to AMDR utility.

10/30/09 Ver 9.1.0

1. Added search feature to User List.
2. Added User Password change to client.
3. Fixed issue where renaming a user did not properly update the groups with new name.
4. Fixed issue where deleting a user did not always remove the user from the groups.
5. Fixed minor display issues.
6. Updated Import/Export functions.
7. Updated Help Files.

7/23/09 Ver 9.0.0

1. Forms now scale properly when using other then 96 dpi setting.
2. Windows 7 compatible
3. Added work around to allow sending messages to Sprint PCS SNPP server.
4. Fixed missing Caller ID information on provider export and import.
5. Caller ID information was not initialized correctly causing garbage in Caller ID field when
importing provider information.
6. RMTD Admin and AMDR utilities now update automatically to new versions if required.
7. Fixed issue where multiple log-on profiles can have the same log-on name.
8. Fixed issue with File Check process getting stuck sometimes.
9. Added automatic server discovery to all clients and utilities that communicate with the server.
10. Added discovery service to server.
11. Server did not add logging information t log windows while minimized.
12. Added TNPP delivery method.
13. Added drag and drop to copy users to different departments.

2/15/09 Ver 8.3.0

1. Added Priority Level selection for subscribers.
2. Fixed issue with replication to backup server with groups.
3. Fixed issue with user and password encryption on replication to backup server.

7/01/08 Ver 8.2.0

1. Fixed issue with server ports locking up during heavy use.
2. Load balanced incoming connections SNPP, WCTP, and Email services.

4/22/08 Ver 8.1.0

1. Fixed issue with e-mail not sending to retry queue on initial spool failure.
2. Fixed small memory leak in WCTP module.
3. Fixed some allocated memory was not being released when application closed.
4. Fixed under certain conditions the server would hang during close due to a process not
5. Fixed sometimes client would not send message to server and client gets disconnected from
6. Fixed could not update paging schedules times.
7. Fixed TAP Would not send multiple pages per call when Sync with backup server was enabled.
8. Fixed sometimes when backing out of User Setting you would get an access violation.
9. Fixed SMTP In Counter was showing twice the amount of emails actually received.
10. Fixed setting E-Page as a secondary connection method was causing Spool Thread
Exception occasionally.
11. Changed SMTP inbound email are now processed in memory and does not save the email to
disk first.
12. Changed how the email bounce procedure builds response message.
13. Changed database sync routine to its own thread.
14. Changed Log Archive routine to it's own thread.
15. Added more detail logging on database sync.
16. Added backup Server Update Status when updating databases.
17. Added no-cache commands to web pages. (Firefox was storing response pages).
18. Added additional protection in schedule messages to avoid possible bad data to be stored.
19. Added the ability to use Templates to create text messages.
20. Add TNPP support.

3/01/08 Ver 8.0.0

1. You now have have the ability to upgrade the key automatically when new options have been
2. Open a Trouble Ticket for issues from the Help Menu.
3. You can now add provider contact information to your provider record.
4. You can submit carrier information for inclusion to our database from your provider record by
5.clicking a submit information button.
6. Backup and Restore feature added (Requires databases to be in default locations to work)
7. Updated SMS Modem Support and features.
8. Updated MX Email sending for better performance.
9. Fixed issue with report date ranges not showing all data.
10. Fixed issue with server lockup when e-mail page was scheduled.
11. Server will now terminate on two consecutive hart beat failures with hardware key..

10/03/07 Ver 7.2.7

1. Fixed Minor Issues with report pulling from AMDR and RmtDBMan utilities.
2. Converted help files to HTML Help.

10/03/07 Ver 7.2

1. RMT Database Manager Now uses TCP/IP to communicate with the server.
2. AMDR application now uses TCP/IP to communicate with the server.
3. Add more security control for remote database management.
4. Increased performance on reports.
5. Increased SMTP User Name field to 75 characters.
6. Added syncing for back-up server option.
7. Hold and Message Queues are not update correctly on database change.
8. Suppressed Unused Key file errors.
9. Added drop-down list, date, and time macros to quick messages
10. Added ability to export all reports to a CSV file.

01/11/07 Ver 7.0

1. Database reconstructed and optimized.

03/15/06 Ver 6.8

1. Added SMS Paging.

01/07/05 Ver 6.7

1. Added SSL support to WCTP.
2. Added MX record lookup on e-mail paging.
3. Added ability to set number of pages sent per call to a provider.
4. Added User and Password for SMTP Server connections.
5. Added Group Sorting To Client
6. Added Pin or Name display To Client
7. Increased Performance On Web Server.
8. Fixed bug in Web User Directory causing Access Violations.
9. Fixed importing of Groups when a comma is placed in the user name.
10. Fixed minor bugs.

03/22/03 Ver 6.0

1. Fixed issue with server not closing correctly when closed multiple times.
2. Fixed issue with server trying to send a blank page when a page was submitted after a user 
was logged out and user logged back in.
3. Fixed issue with the Sent E-Page counter not updating when sending pages through Windows
4. Fixed issue with provider.dat not located correctly when database was moved to a different
5. Fixed issue with the import/export not functioning correctly.
6. Fixed slow loading problem of users on Web Server.
7. Fixed issue with SNPP inbound not sending to the secondary provider when SNPP was set to
spool messages.
8. Added IP Security screening.
9. Added user selectable Web logout delay.
10. Added option to encrypt log file data.
11. Added User Profile access priority.
12. Added |USER| macro to signature line in the client.
13. Added custom signature to User Profile.
14. Added User/Password to WCTP Provider Profile.
15. Added Client DLL for 3rd party interfacing.
16. Increased the number of Departments that can be added to a User Profile.
17. Remote DB Admin will now signal server to send updates to clients.

01/14/03 Ver 5.0

1. Added Fleet Sync Protocol
2. All password and user names are now encrypted.
3. Fixed minor display bugs.
4. Fixed minor display bugs in client.
5. Added auto updating of clients when a new client needs to be loaded.
6. Fixed issue with data not transferring to client correctly on some networks.

05/15/02 Ver 4.3.0

1. Fixed problem with Intermittent Redundancy.
2. Fixed problem with some display boxes not showing correctly on some computers.
3. Fixed problem with intermittent paging with group lists.
4. Fixed problem with server logging-out client on failed e-mail.
5. Fixed problem with Direct Connect only working at 1200bps.
6. Added 2-Way response checking.
7. Added thesaurus to client.
8. Added importing and exporting of csv files.
9. Added sorting of delivery logs.
10. Utilities were updated.

02/07/02 Ver 4.2.0

1. Added WCTP Paging
2. Client and Server Communications were changed to 100% TCP/IP
3. Added Direct Com Support.

05/30/01 Ver 4.1.7

1. Fixed problem with intermittent user not found problem.
2. Fixed problem hourly scheduled repeat problem.
3. Fixed problem with server not sending pages correctly or pages getting stuck at times on failed
4. Fixed problem with intermittent hanging web threads.

05/30/01 Ver 4.0

1. Added WCTP Paging.
2. Added better security control.
3. User can view all departments now without having to log in to each department.
4. All shared subscriber lists are now transferred over TCP/IP, no drive mappings required any
5. All Message queues have been rewritten for better performance.

11/20/00 Ver 3.4

1. Added SMTP Server.
2. Added ability to send e-mail pages from server.
3. Fixed occasional list index out of bounds on e-mail events.
4. Report system has been updated.
5. Optimized Web Server Authentication which cause slow authentication’s when large lists of
account users.
6. Fixed spontaneous web server log-outs with Windows 2000.
7. Misc. minor bug fixes.

03/01/00 Ver 3.2

1. Added department lists.
2. Added ability to receive pages from clients while sending messages.
3. Removed Auto 2-way, must select 2-Way mode in provider setup.

12/19/99 Ver 3.0

1. Added ability to Upgrade Server Key.
2. Added Group Paging To WWW Paging Option
3. Added SMTP and POP3 E-Mail Server Options.

12/01/99 Ver 2.6

1. Changed registration key information.
2. Added user directory listing support for web server.

07/25/99 Ver 2.0

1. Major changes in coding to make application run faster.
2. Fixed problem with reports not printing correctly.
3. Fixed Problems with Win NT registry errors when not a admin.
4. Fixed Minor Bugs.

02/28/99 Ver 1.5.1

1. Fixed problem with group list not showing after editing.
2. Fixed problem with ETAP enable/disable in Provider Settings.
3. Fixed problem with ETAP when sending signatures. (Would Not Send Mesg.)
4. Fixed problem with ETAP ID not showing in group setup lists.
5. Fixed problem with double log entries.

02/28/99 Ver 1.5

1. Made Separate Client For Server. AM Pro no longer functions with server.
2. Licenses now are be monitored by number of clients connected to server at any given time.
3. Server now can be run as a system service.
4. Added Web Paging Option with HDML support.
5. Changed E-Mail Paging Option to support MAPI
6. Admin can run open system or force users to log-on with user name & password.
7. Admin has the ability to disconnect any client at any time.


1. Fixed display problems when large fonts are used.
2. User display data is update now when provider data changes.
3. Fixed problem when creating new user/group file, user data was stored in group data by
4. Enhanced some visual displays.


1. Name Change from Quick Page To Air Messenger. This was done so that there would be no
confusion with LanSoft’s Quick Page Paging Software.
2. Fixed problem with split messages not being numbered correctly.


1. Changed look of server.
2. Added SNPP support.
3. Added detailed logging
4. Added Report Generator.
5. Added RAS support for SNPP Dial-Up Connections.
6. Changed User, Group, and Provider Database options for better performance.
7. Added enhanced error reporting back to the sender of message.
8. Server will now try to send messages 3 times before killing message and notify sender.
9. Cleaned up code for better performance.


1. Fixed Bug in User and Group Setup (Access Violation)
2. Message Lengths were not terminating correctly
3. Added E-Mail Paging Option


1. Initial Release
06/18/19 Ver 14.2.0
1. Added HL7 Send delay to reduce number of duplicate pages when a batch of orders arrive.
2. Added HL7 Idle Time Out to force connection to close when provider does not close them when no longer in use.
3. Fixed issue with exception in schedule queue not being handled correctly.
4. Fixed issue with destination files not being included when backing up files.
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