Air Messenger WCTP
Alphanumeric Paging Software

Key Features Of Air Messenger WCTP

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WCTP Support with SSL Support and Delivery Notification
Advanced WCTP Sending Options
Signature Line Support
Delivery Log
Report Generator
Transmitting text messages to alphanumeric messaging devices, such as Cellular Phones, Pagers,
Personal Digital Assistants, and Laptops has emerged as an important new
technology of the 1990's. Air Messenger WCTP is a lightened down WCTP version of
Air Messenger Pro and is useful if you only require to send WCTP messages to one
WCTP gateway. Using a WCTP gateway allows you to send messages over the
Internet and get a response immediately from the gateway as to status of the
message delivery progress. Dependent on the provider you have, some of the
advanced features of WCTP are Delivery Notification, Hold Messages Until a
specified date or time, check the status if a pager is turned on, select different locations and more. Not
all features will be available with all carrier or limits will be placed on the pager type.
   Air Messenger WCTP is our lightened down version of the SNPP option in our Air Messenger Pro. If you do not require all of the features found in the Pro Version and require to send messages via WCTP, Air Messenger WCTP may be what you are looking for.
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