Air Messenger SNPP
Alphanumeric Paging Software
Release Notes
12/15/17 Ver 9.0.0

1. Added 64 bit version of the application
2. Added secure socket connection if supported by provider.
3. Fixed issue with message log not working on the subscriber data form.
4. Fixed issue with delivery status messaging not being shown in proper case.
5. Fixed issue with some help button links linking to the wrong topics.
6. Fixed issue with application adding bad carrier information when adding carrier information
from ISS Carrier List and selecting an E-Mail connection.

3/26/10 Ver 8.0.0

1. Updated Threading Module to fix intermittent Access Denied Error 5 issue on some XP

3/26/10 Ver 7.0.0

1. Updated Threading Module to fix intermittent Access Denied Error 5 issue on some XP

7/23/09 Ver 6.0.0

1. Forms now scale properly when using other then 96 dpi setting.
2. Windows 7 compatible
3. Added workaround to allow sending messages to Sprint PCS SNPP server.

2/15/09 Ver 5.3.0

1. Database updated

7/01/08 Ver 5.2.0

1. Database updated

4/22/08 Ver 5.1.0

1. Fixed minor memory leak on application close.
2. Database updated to matched other AM Products.

3/01/08 Ver 5.0.0

1. Added Automatic Version Checking to insure that you have the latest software.
2. You now have the option to register your key with our servers, this allows for you to have a way
to retrieve your key in the event it is lost.
3. Open a Trouble Ticket for issues from the Help Menu.
4. You can now add provider contact information to your provider record.
5. You can submit carrier information for inclusion to our database from your provider record by
clicking a submit information button.
6. Backup and Restore feature added (Requires databases to be in default locations to work)
7. Fixed issue with Query Status not functioning all the time.

11/09/07 Ver 4.2

1. Database Updated
2. Added Caller ID Option To SNPP.
3. Minor bug fixes.

04/29/01 Ver 4.0

1. Message queuing was rewritten.
2. Minor bug fixes.

01/05/00Ver  Ver 3.6

1. Added Reverse order message sending.
2. Auto Two was removed because it would cause problems with some none two way pagers.

01/05/00 Ver 3.5

1. Added additional audible and visual delivery failure notifications.
2. Add Queue Window display.

06/07/99 Ver 3.0

1. Added Auto 2-way detection.
2. Added Delivery confirmation support.
3. Fixed Minor Display Bugs.
4. Fixed Lockup indication on Host Not Found Error.

02/18/99 Ver 2.5

1. Added Speed Bar
2. Minor bug fixes.
3. Update Message Logging


1. Fixed display problems when large fonts are used.
2. Subscriber display data is update now when provider data changes.
3. Fixed problem when creating new subscriber/group file, subscriber data was stored in group
data by mistake
4. Enhanced some visual displays.

12/28/98 Ver 2.0

1. Name Change from Quick Page To Air Messenger. This was done so that there would be no
confusion with LanSoft’s Quick Page Paging Software.
2. Added Length Checking for SNPP Messages.

11/18/98 Ver 1.0

1. Initial Release
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