Air Messenger Pin Redirector
Alphanumeric Paging Router

Key Features Of Air Messenger Pin Redirector

Accepts SNPP, TAP, and E-Mail Pages
Delivery Methods Include SNPP, WCTP, TAP, E-Mail
Advanced SNPP Sending Options (Includes Response)
SMS Messaging Via GSM SMS Compatible Mobile Phone
Uses Windows Modem Drivers For Simple Setup
Single Pin Can Deliver To Multiple Destinations
Destination Group Lists
Failure Notifications
Runs On Any Win9x/NT/2000 Workstation or Server
Supports Up To 16 Inbound and 16 Outbound TAP Ports
Internal SMTP Server or Retrieve Pages From A Domain POP
E-Mail Paging (SMTP, POP3, Windows Messaging)
Separate Internet and TAP Queues
The Air Messenger PIN Redirector is designed to aid in redistribution of content services to individual
subscribers or to pass along to affiliates. The use of AMPR keeps you in control of
who is sending you the content and where it is being distributed to without reveling
your destination PINS. The AMPR accepts SNPP, TAP, and E-Mail pages and can
redistribute these pages using any combination of SNPP, TAP, and E-Mail. The
AMPR would be useful in a Fire Notification Network for instance where you have
volunteer dispatchers sending content to you for redistribution. Rather then the
dispatcher sending multiple pages to your distribution list and reveling your National
Pins, they only need to send to one location and the AMPR will do the distribution for them. In the event
you have problems with a dispatcher, you simply disable their account and they no longer will be able to
send pages to your lists.
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