Air Messenger Paging Gateway Server
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Air Messenger Gateway
Alphanumeric Paging Server


     The Air Messenger Gateway Server is probably the most advanced Internet Based wireless  messaging software available that has been designed specifically for paging carriers. With the Air Messenger  Gateway Server running on a single workstation or server, allows your company to provide enhanced Internet based paging for your subscribers. Subscribers would have the ability to use a variety of options to deliver a page to your network, such as TAP, SNPP, E-Mail, and Web Paging. Additionally you can offer other service such as Weather Reports, State Lottery Numbers, Horoscopes, Ski Reports, and other such services that can provide additional revenue . The Air Messenger Gateway also provides advanced account control, that allows the subscriber to select and maintain their account options that he/she has subscribed to. Additionally the subscriber has the ability to set paging schedules and use multiple paging devices and maintain complete anonymity to their paging device's pins and cellular phone numbers.

Key Features Of
Air Messenger Gateway Server

  • SNPP Support (Both Inbound and Outbound)
  • E-TAP Support For Enhanced Paging Services
  • Support For Up To 16 Tap Inbound and Outbound Lines 
  • RAS Dial-Up for Dial-Up Internet Accounts
  • Uses Windows Modem Drivers For Simple Setup
  • Security Lockouts
  • Easily Runs On Any Windows 9x/NT/2000 Work Station or Server
  • Adjustable Scheduling
  • Error Notification And Deliver Notification
  • E-Mail Paging
  • SMTP, POP3 and Windows Messaging Support For E-Mail Paging
  • Built In Web Server For Web Paging
  • HDML Support for Cellular Web Browser Paging
  • Detail Transaction Logging
  • Reports
  • WWW Remote Administering
  • User Configurable Paging Schedules
  • User Configurable Paging Devices
  • User Configurable Account Options
  • Multiple Carrier Support
  • Any Many More

Download Acrobat Reader AMG Spec Sheet

     The above file is a self-extracting file. Extract files in a temporary directory, then run the setup program. Service Providers Click Here!


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