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Release Notes
12/15/17 Ver 10.0.0
1. Added 64 bit version of the application
2. Added Secure Socket connection support to SNPP.
3. Added SMPP support.
4. Added TAP Over IP.
5. Updated to support 64bit builds.
6. Fixed issue with message log not working on the subscriber data form.
7. Fixed Issue with log file possibly being corrupted when doing a WCTP/SNPP message delivery check.
8. Fixed issue with delivery status messaging not being shown in proper case.
9. Fixed issue with removing users from group lists when deleting a destination record due to provider being
deleted when other destination still exists.
10. Fixed issue with user record not being deleted when all destinations have been deleted due to provider
being removed.
11. Fixed issue when deleting paging providers, the destination provider information was not being
removed if the provider was set for the secondary provider
12. Fixed issue where the setup wizard was not sending SNPP User/Password if required.
13. Fixed issue with some help button links linking to the wrong topics.
14. Fixed issue with Destination export/import information in the help showing incorrect column order.
15. Fixed issue when sending to SMTP Server that requires user/password failing authentication due to the
user or password being to long.
16. Fixed issue with application adding bad carrier information when adding carrier information from ISS
Carrier List and selecting an E-Mail connection.

01/17/16 Ver 9.1.0
1. Fixed issue with Page Scheduling when multiple destinations are used for a user. Was giving an invalid
hold time and only the first destination was scheduled. 
2. Several skin options have been added.  Fixed issue with SMS not sending pages when Roaming.

07/01/15 Ver 9.0.0

1. Fixed issue with Access Violation with Group User List when a user has E-Page selected for provider.
2. Fixed issue with missing PIN in User Report
3. Added Destination information to relevant reports.
4. Added missing export/import functions for destination records.
5. Added SSL/TLS support for Email Paging.

12/28/121 Ver 8.1.0

1. Fixed issue with delivery report not displaying results when searching by user.
2. Added missing export/import functions for destination records.

9/16/11 Ver 8.0.5

1. Fixed issue when renaming users. Would give Access Violation.
2. Fixed issue where sometimes the buttons were all grayed out when editing a paging record
3. Fixed issue with E-Page destination provider not being available when editing a E-Page paging record.
4. Fixed issue in SendCmd command line utility locking up sometimes.

3/25/11 Ver 8.0.0

1. Application now runs as a service.
2. Added multiple destinations per subscriber.
3. New installs will now store user data in ProgramData Folder.
4. Fixed issue where SMS would not activate is SIM storage was not available.
5. Fixed minor display bugs.

7/23/09 Ver 7.0.0

1. Forms now scale properly when using other then 96 dpi setting.
2. Windows 7 compatible
3. Added workaround to allow sending messages to Sprint PCS SNPP server.
4. Fixed missing Caller ID information on provider export and import.
5. Caller ID information was not initialized correctly causing garbage in Caller ID field when importing
provider information.
6. Fixed issue of messages failing when using Direct TAP Connection.

2/15/09 Ver 5.3.0

1. Added Priority Level selection for subscribers.

7/01/08 Ver 5.2.0

1. Database updated

4/22/08 Ver 5.1.0

1. Fixed minor memory leak on application close.
3. Database updated to matched other AM Products.

3/01/08 Ver 5.0.0

1. Added Automatic Version Checking to insure that you have the latest software.
3. You now have the option to register your key with our servers, this allows for you to have a way to retrieve
your key in the event it is lost.
4. Open a Trouble Ticket for issues from the Help Menu.
5. You can now add provider contact information to your provider record.
6. You can submit carrier information for inclusion to our database from your provider record by clicking a
submit information button.
7. Backup and Restore feature added (Requires databases to be in default locations to work)
8. Updated SMS Modem Support and features.
9. Updated MX Email sending for better performance.
10. Fixed issue with report date ranges not showing all data.
11. Fixed issue with Query Status not functioning all the time.

11/09/07 Ver 4.2.1

1. Added XML Parsing To List Of File Types
2. Fixed Canvas Does Not Allow Drawing Issue.

11/09/07 Ver 4.2.0

1. Database Updated
2. Added Caller ID support for SNPP.
3. Minor Bug Fixes.

03/15/06 Ver 3.8

1. Added SMS Support.

01/07/05 Ver 3.7

1. Added SSL support to WCTP.
2. Added MX record lookup on e-mail paging.
3. Added Encryption of log file.
4. Added ability to set number of pages sent per call to a provider.
5. Added User and Password for SMTP Server connections.
6. Added Line File Support.
7. Fixed minor bugs.

08/05/04 Ver 3.0

1. Added FleetSync protocol.
3. Minor bug fixes.

05/03/02 Ver 2.0

1. Added WCTP Paging Capabilities.
2. Added Support Of External Subscriber & Provider Information.
3. Updated Paging Thread.
4. Updated Reports.
5. Fixed Intermittent “Canvas Does Not Allow Drawing” issue.
6. Added Importing and Exporting of coma delimited files.

07/12/00 Ver 1.3

1. Commercial Release.

04/15/00 Ver 1.0 Beta

1. Beta Release.
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