Wave Gate
Protocol Converter
Release Notes
12/28/12 Ver. 3.2.0

1. Added e-mail support for sending to single mailboxes with pin in the subject field.
2. Added the ability to remove routing prefix. This allows adding custom routing prefixes to pins
and then can be stripped prior to sending to terminal.

06/22/12 Ver. 3.1.0

1. Updated MEDHOST inbound functions to accommodate slow data transfers which caused
missed pages.

06/26/10 Ver. 3.0.0

1. Updated Configuration Manager Interface.
2. Added TAP Modem and Direct Direct Connection Support
3. Added SMS Support
4. Added backup routing should the primary route fail.
5. Added route retries. Should a route fail delivery the server will try three times before the page is
dropped from the queue.
6. Added monitoring of errors from WaveWare Port.
7. Added Paging Stats on Main Configuration Window.
8. Added ability to monitor log transactions while Configuration Manager is running.
9. Added Option to send test pages from server.

05/21/10 Ver. 2.0.0

1. Fixed Minor Interface Issues
2. Added WaveWare Output Port for connecting to a WaveWare Terminal.

03/15/10 Ver 1.0.0

1. Initial Release
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